Every century-old barn in this region may have had a common purpose, but each one often has a unique story to tell.

This one, owned for years by a stone mason, served as the location for his business nicknamed by the locals as "The Brickyards."  Plenty of cut & dressed stones (some still partially buried) give proof to that.  At a point when it had outlived that need, the barn became the property of another local business-owner.  In 2006, Lancaster architects & contractors were called upon to renovate the barn for a new generation and a creatively different use.

The old structure... neither an ivory-tower nor an eye-sore... took on incredibly new form.  It was converted into 3 distinct units -- private quarters on either end & 3 exquisitely designed guest rooms & a 'gathering room' in the middle. Main furnishings were secured from Amish craftsmen.

Included in the effort was beautifully designed landscaping, especially in the backyard where carefully placed trees, shrubs & flowers are surrounded by mature woods to make for a secluded retreat.

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"It was wonderful to be here again!  Thank you so much for your warm hospitality.  We truly enjoyed our visit & the conversation we shared..." 

- Chris & Jenn, Bloomsburg, PA

The Barn at Strasburg